2009 Boston Marathon Results

YC (3:41:50); Kristy (4:19:17)

2008 Boston Marathon Results

Matt (3:28:51); Hank (3:49:38); Terry (3:50:31); Laura (4:07:02)

2007 Boston Marathon Results

John L (3:27:21); Matt (3:30:02); Ernest (3:45:22)

2006 Boston Marathon Results

John L (3:25:16); YC (3:33:39); Brandon (3:50:02); Mark (3:58:01)

2005 Boston Marathon Results

Mark (3:53:58) & Brandon (4:09:53)

2004 Boston Marathon Result

Mark (4:02:29)

2000 Boston Marathon Result

Mark (3:20:22)

Boston Race Tips by John L.

Hello SRC, I'm still learning on how to run the course from Hopkinton to Boston, and I don't pretend to know anything, but I do want to share some Boston marathon tips and lessons learned while they are fresh in my head. Here are some things to consider when you get to Boston: Hotel: Book early and stay near the city. You can find hotels cheaper away from downtown, but if you don't have a car, then you have to take the train everywhere or pay a lot for taxis. For the after race party, there is a free bus shuttle from the party to all the major hotels downtown. Expo: Don't go to the expo straight from the airport on Sunday. There were a ton of people at the expo and lugging your travel bag around was very tiring. Race day bus ride: Get there early or on time for the bus ride to Hopkinton because there are so many people. Also, take the train or go to Park Street instead of Boylston to get on the bus. We followed some other runners out of the Park Street station and were able to get on one of the buses just arriving where as all the runners who went to Boylston (per the race packet instructions) had long lines to get on the bus. Rain on race day: 1. If it rains, then bring one of those runner's blanket that they give you at the end of a marathon so you can have something to sit on when the ground is wet. 2. The athlete's village in Hopkinton had bagels, bananas, and coffee so you don't have to eat a lot or bring a lot of food before the race. 3. Bring an small umbrella if its raining. You can store it in your bag drop when you run. 4. Where plastic bags on your shoes before the race if its raining. The ground gets wet everywhere, especially around the tents and around the port a potties. My socks were wet before I even ran the race, and I didn't bring any extra socks with me to the starting line. 5. Bring dry clothes and socks and shoes so you can change into them at the finish line. Matt was so well prepared in this area. 6. Bring a bag or a cheap poncho to keep you dry before the start of the race.. You can get rid of them when the gun goes off. Again, Matt was prepared here too. Race tips: 1. Bad weather at Boston will most likely not allow you to run a personal record (PR). Instead of focusing on just one expected finish time, try to have a range where you think you may finish. For example, given the bad weather conditions, my expected range before the race was 3:20 to 3:30. If you finish within your expected range, then you can still strive for a good run even if you fall off your PR pace early on. 2. Start out conservative, because the hills at Newton are hard everytime you run them even if you prepare for them. This year I didn't cramp on the hills because I took it slow in the beginning of the race. Also, try to incorporate some rolling hills in your training to prepare for the hills at Boston. 3. Even if you decide to run hard, try to give some high fives to the girls at Wellesley because it will give you a big boost every time. Besides, the girls were standing all morning in the rain to cheer you on so the least you can do is acknowledge them for their support. Besides, these girls don't get out much :-) 4. When running the hills of Newton and Heartbreak ridge, just keep telling yourself what goes up must come down. 5. Look around during the race, you want to have some images of the course and the spectators to remember your Boston marathon run even if you ran it before. It is truly a memorable experience every time. 6. On rolling hills, keep steady effort instead of steady pace. I hope everyone reaches their running goals for the fall marathon. Good luck SRC. Cheers, John